What's below the surface of fish for art?

Even after thirty years it still takes extraordinary levels of dedication and perseverance to capture the moment and grab the essence of my subject. There's nothing like the feeling when all that Nautiluseffort comes together and the piece finally speaks to me.
Be it a striking face, a powerful racing car or a magnificent carp, It's the passion, the love of the subject that drives me onward.
Though getting to grips with it has been known to send me crazy on the odd occasion!
All this effort comes to nothing if it can't be shared, artists do like their work to be enjoyed by others too.
You see, original works can be many things, one off pieces, limited editions or open editions like the pieces on here. And once I start doing editions they all have to be perfect!

Auto Union

Joan Of Arc

Fully scaled Mirror

What about your carp sculpture?
The artist's mastery of technique is all well and good but what about the people who manufacture your pieces?
Behind fish for art stands a truly fine team with over a decade worth of manufacturing experience in the collectibles industry.
So you can be sure every sculpture you order will be consistently good and produced only from top quality bronze powders and mineral filled resins. All this ensures each piece faithfully reproduces the smallest detail from the artist's original models.

Last but not least, when your order is ready your sculpture will be given a final check then securely packed to ship on to you.

Everything you see here is made, cast and finished in the United Kingdom.

Can I get my money back?
Take it from a fanatical artist; I want you to be happy with what you get from me!
And in the event you are not, then of course I offer a full money back guarantee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Mark Ricketts

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